Hello BestMilkers!

Bistro Updates

I wanted to update you all on some big changes in my life over the next few months. I am now a mother of two, after delivering a baby boy in early October, and then am relocating out of the area come November. Because BestMilk Bistro has become such a popular breastfeeding mommy group, I wanted to keep it going even after I leave—especially at the request of so many Mamas! The Hampton Roads LLL have taken the group on as a La Leche League Breastfeeding Café, which will continue to meet weekly at the same time, same place. Please like their Facebook page to keep up with the events. I am going to keep the BestMilk Bistro Facebook page up and running as a virtual breastfeeding mommy group, so that those who post for support, advice, information, and sharing can continue to do so. I have closed the Meetup page and group. I will continue to see you at the LLL Breastfeeding Café until I leave the area, with the new little one in tow! I am leaving you all in great hands.

Next Up for Me

Because of all of these big life events, I have decided to shift my focus from professional endeavors to welcoming our newest addition, and centering on our family as we navigate through the rest of the year. Once we get settled in our new location, I will let you know how I will to continue the offerings of BestMilk LLC. In the meantime, I am hoping to concentrate more on my blog, BestMilk Banter, and hope to get some good discussion there. And as I said, the Facebook page is still available for virtual mother-to-mother support! I love discussion and interaction, so feel free to reach out to me in one venue or another.

Keep in Touch

Please keep in touch with me, either on the BestMilk Facebook page, or by email at BestMilkBistro at gmail dot com. It has been my pleasure to get to know each and every mom and baby, to share experiences and laugh with you, and to have served you in whatever capacity you needed, be it professionally, personally, or just facilitating the group. I look forward to continuing to assist you, just in a different way, and will continue to update on how we are evolving!